flagusa.gif Election - Vote!

Scholastic News - Participate in the election of 2012! Follow the Kid Reporters by clicking on US map, Cast Your Vote, Discuss the Issues, Learn How We Elect A President, Electoral College, plus Printables and Lesson Plans for Teachers
bugreen.jpgCongress for Kids: Elections - Learn more about this American process.
How the President Is Elected (primary) - An easily understood explanation of the election process, voting, and the electoral college
The Democracy Project (upper level) - How Does the Government Effect Me? Be A President for a Day! Step Inside a Voting Booth.
Votes! How Votes are Counted - Who Counts Them?
Interactive Electoral Map - See how many electoral votes each state receives
FirstGov: Voting and Elections - FirstGov is the official U.S. gateway to all government information. This section devoted to elections covers the electoral college, candidates, and background information on elections in general.
C-Span.Org Election 2012 A good site for information on the national campign as well as many local races.

bupink.jpg If You Were the President - (Scholastic) Play the game and discover important decisions a President makes!

Election Terms - A Quiz Quiz! Choose Matching, Flash Cards, Concentration, or Word Search

bupink.jpgInside the Whitehouse - Move into the Oval Office and make your mark as President!

Vote with your Students - Use this simple Excel spreadsheet to record and analyze your class votes!


Use these 2 SMART Notebook Lessons to discuss the election process!

South Carolina Elections

South Carolina Election Commission - Updated news on elections in South Carolina

South Carolina Election Resources - from SciWay

Presidential and Government Resources

Way Back Presidents - The Secret History! (PBS Kids) Discover unique information and more!

Presidents of the United States - A comprehensive site for presidential resources - most anything you want to know about a President!

American Presidents - In-depth information of each President and administration reviewed by prominent scholars

Ben's Guide to Government - A Federal Government site for elementary school children up to high school that describes our government and the electoral process.