heartrd.gifFebruary Monthly Highlights

Sweets --- for the Sweet!

February Monthly Teacher Resource Guide - from Teachnology. Scroll down to see resources on President's Day, Valentine's Day, Black History Month and more. Worksheets, Lesson Plans, biographies, etc... Some resources are available for free. Some are set for members only.
February Acrostic Write an acrostic poem using the letters of February!
February Poem Use descriptive language to write about the month of February.
Story Starters Sentences to prompt creative writing during February
February Writing Bugs - Writing Prompts/Printables from Education World for February or use the Anytime Writing Link for More Resources

February Holiday and Special Days Resources from Education World

Groundhog Day - February 2nd heartrd.gif

MS Excel File - Will the Groundhog see his shadow? Poll your students to see what they predict!

Groundhog SMART Notebook file

Learn all about groundhogs and Groundhog Day!

Punxsutawney Phil's Forecast - Will he see his shadow
Punxsutawney Phil - Information straight from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania!

You can also check Groundhog.org for a history of the day and activities!
Groundhog Day - Read more about the origin, the facts, and see a timeline of shadows here!
Groudhog Day Ebook from Mighty Books
I'm a Little Groundhog - song (watch video)
Groundhog Day - Starfall
**Groundhog Day Games** - from Primarygames.com
**Enchanted Learning Groundhog Day** - Crafts, Activities, Printable Books

Groundhog Day: 100 Things to Do - From the Media Specialists Guide
Groundhog Day Quiz - Test your knowledge!
**Groundhog Day Livebinder** - click on tabs to see the website links
Come to the Groundhog Day Party Internet exploration and more from Education World!

Great Groundhogs! PDF activity pages based on Great Groundhogs by Karen Gray Ruelle...A one-day "mini" unit for that special February day!...

Kids Books for Ground Hog's Day: Groundhog's Day Holiday Recommended Reading
Groundhog's Day Stories for Kids: Check out The Silhouette Party

Preschool Activities for Groundhog Day...science, art, finger puppets, games, measuring shadows...even groundhog music and rhymes!
Go to: **Groundhog Day Theme Unit from edHelper.com**...for Short Reading Comprehensions, Read & Color Activities, Foreign Language Activities, Reader's Theater Scripts, Math Problems, Finish the Story Activities, Story Starters, Counting, and lots, lots more in grades 1-6.
**Education World's Groundhog Day Resources** - internet scavenger hunt, great sites, student worksheets (map and prediction page)

fhelmet.jpgSuper Bowl LI (51)

Super Bowl Blitz (from Education World)

Provide your football fans an opportunity to research and learn more about Super Bowl LI --- teams - location - Roman numerals - facts - interpret data using a table - graph favorite team using MS Excel, and more!

Take a quick survey of your students - Which team do the majority favor?

NFL Rush - Official NFL site for kids

Souper Bowl of Caring - info from Education World on how your students can participate. Please get administrative approval!
Pro Football Hall of Fame- history, index of hall of famers, etc...

Super Bowl 2017- Official NFL Site

****5 Ways to Teach the Super Bowl**** - Lessons from The Learning Network Blog - Teaching and Learning with the New York Times
SuperBowl Interactive - use arrows at the top to navigate - tickets throughout the years, short football video


Great Backyard Bird Count - Consider participating!

Great Backyard Bird Count- The annual Great Backyard Bird Count will once again be sweeping the nation. Get Ready to “Count Birds for the Record!”


Join Journey North for Spring Learning Experiences!

"Journey North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share their own field observations with classmates across North America.
Widely considered a best-practices model for education, Journey North is the nation's premiere "citizen science" project for children."
  • Migrations - Whooping Cranes, American Robin, Monarch Butterfly, Hummingbird, and more!
  • Mystery Class (Photoperiod) Find where 10 Mystery Classes are located, using sunrise and sunset clues!
  • Tulip Garden - Track the sweep of spring in the Northern Hemisphere by keeping an eye on plants (Red Emperor tulips) as they burst forth and bloom!


Straight from the Heart

February is the month to learn more about YOUR heart! Use the interactive sites found at the top of the page with your class. Health and P.E teachers, as well as classroom teachers, will find lots of creative and fun activities. Be sure to play the"Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Heart" game!!
There are technology integration activities using Inspiration, Excel, MS Word, MS Paint in the Activities section!

Five Senses with a Kiss! - Use your senses to observe the characteristics of a Hershey's Kiss. Record your observations using a graphic organizer, then use MS Word to write a descriptive paragraph.


February 14 - Valentine's Day!

heartrd.gifValentine's Day for Kids - Math Worksheets, Tracer Pages for Writing Practice, Crafts, Puzzles, Games, and lots of other lovable stuff!
heartrd.gifHistory of Valentine's Day (from History Channel)
heartrd.gifPlay Valentine Battleship - Review plotting points and coordinates with heart candies!

Write a letter to someone at school, home, or community. Let them know why they are special!

Create patterns using this MS Word document. Write the letter pattern you made at the bottom.
heartrd.gifValentines for You! (from Teacher Created Resources) Graphing & counting money activity sheets
heartrd.gifEducation World's February Holiday Page - great Valentine's Day curriculum suggestions and resources
heartrd.gif**Discovery Streaming videos available** - Holiday Facts and Fun: Valentine's Day, Timothy Goes to School: Be My Valentine, The Story of Read-Alee Deed-Alee: Valentine: Be Mine, One Zillion Valentines, Origins of Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day Symbols and Traditions, Words that Rhyme with Valentine, and more....
heartrd.gifKindergarten..."I Am Loveable" activity (From TeacherVision web site)
heartrd.gifValentine's Day Theme Page at Teaching Heart! (K-3)
heartrd.gifFor (K-3) Great Estimation Activity
heartrd.gifHave a Heart! (K-12) Great site for middle and high school curriculum integration: Celebrate Valentine's Day Across the Curriculum
heartrd.gifValentine's Day Book Reviews for Children: Kids Valentines Day Reading
heartrd.gifFrom "apples4theteacher.com": Children's Valentines Day Literature Kids Short Stories
heartrd.gifValentine's Day Resources from Gamequarium - games, riddles, puzzles, printables and more
heartrd.gifValentine's Day - All in One Place SMART Lessons, printables, games and more!

magnet.jpg Magnificent Magnets! - Do opposites attract or repel? Examine magnets, visit Internet resources, and perform hands-on experiments to answer questions, then create a "Photo Story" to present information about magnets to others!

snow.gifBuild A Virtual Snowman - interactive, can be printed

Make a Flake - Build a Virtual Snowflake, can use SMARTboard


February - Black History Month

Celebrate Black History - Biographies/photos of over 20 famous African Americans.
Black History Month (abcteach) Writing Worksheets, Riddles, Reading Comprehension Activities
Find the Face (PBSKids - African American World for Kids) Match African American heroes with the events that made them famous! Click "Find Out More" to learn additional facts.
Travel the Underground Railroad - This is a super site for learning about the adventures of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. You just have to try this one!
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad - A site developed by a second grade class.
Dr. Martin Luther King Internet Hunt - Explore/Search for answers - Learn!
Paul Robeson (MS Word Document) - This game on Paul Robeson is adapted from Footsteps magazine. The directions and materials needed are included in the Word document.
African American History Month - Links to Internet resources, books, and activities for learning more about Martin Luther King and African American History
Stamp on Black History - This site profiles important Black American musicians, athletes, political figures, and others who are featured on U.S. postage stamps. The stamps are accompanied by biographies and a Black History Tour. For fun, you can test your knowledge with a Black History Quiz, solve word searches and crossword puzzles, print coloring pages, make crafts, and enjoy recipes.
Black History Month/Class Brain - Timelines, websites, quizzes, and more.
Discovery Streaming videos available - Martin Luther King, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Rosa Parks, Civil Rights and more

Experience AFRICA!

The Living Africa - Did you know the longest river in the world is in Africa? Do you know the name of it? Learn more about the Land, the People, Wildlife, & National Parks - even go on a Virtual Safari!
Africa! - (from PBS) A super way to learn more about Africa! Explore the regions, Africa for Kids, Photoscope, Teacher Tools (Lesson Plans), etc.........a wonderful resource!
**Explore Africa with Anansi!** The Quest for the Magic Calabash! Take your students on this quest with the famous Anansi (spider) to gain facts about Africa -- Interactive learning

president.jpgCelebrate President's Day!

Presidents Day Resources - Great for the SMARTboard!
If You Were the President ... Play the game! Find out about important decisions you'd have to make if you were the President. You'll even get a report of your progress!
George Washington: A National Portrait - Treat your students to 3 areas of this web site: Explore the Portrait (interactive learning), Portrait for Kids (a mystery adventure), and The Patriot Papers (life & times of George Washington). It will be an activity they will remember!
**Mount Vernon** - Tour the 3 levels of this famous mansion in Virginia as well as the grounds! Learn more about George Washington!
Meet George Washington - Did you know Washington was a leader in the development of American agriculture? Explore his passion for his land!
The Diaries of George Washington - from American Memory - Library of Congress
Abraham Lincoln - Classroom activities, an online quiz, treasure hunt, picture gallery, and additional links for learning!
**Abraham Lincoln Online** : Internet resources for studying Abraham Lincoln - Quotes, Speeches, Writings, Images, Places, Biography, Quizzes, and more!
The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden This web site from the Smithsonian Institute is an excellent resource for information about Presidents, the President's Job, Campaigns, Life in the White House, and more! Do try some of the interactive hands-on Presidential Activities - "Children Write to the President", "The President's Seal", The President Has Many Roles", "All the President's Children", and "Polling: Your Opinion Counts." (Click on the Activities tab.)
Mount Rushmore (American Experience) What 4 Presidents are carved on this famous National Monument in South Dakota? Learn more about how the sculpture was created.
Name That President - Identify ten Presidents from their picture in this online game.
President's Day (from abcteach) - Reading comprehension activities and more!
Who Is That? Identify the President from clues - from FunBrain!
**America's Presidents** - A Crossword Scavenger Hunt Puzzle
Education World's February Holiday Page - scroll down for President's Day resources. Great links for research projects and information.

Discovery Streaming videos available - Holiday Facts & Fun: President's Day, President's Day: Washington and Lincoln, Introduction to President's Day, Celebrating President's Day, and more...

chocolate.jpgCHOCOLATE! Yum....mmm....mmm!

Be sure to visit Discover Hershey! Click "making chocolate" to find out how chocolate is made! You may want to learn more about Milton Hershey himself!
Cacao - From the bean to the candy bar. Interesting!
The History of Chocolate - You can make a timeline of important dates!
Chocolate! Chocolate! - History of Chocolate, Facts & Fallacies, Types of Chocolate, How America Loves Chocolate, Test Your Candy Knowledge!
Name That Candy Bar! - Look at a cross section - see if you know your candy!
Cadbury Chocolate - Explore and discover more about chocolate!
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Lesson plans and other activities correlated to this book and chocolate.
35 Chocolate Activities- Your students will love doing some of these activities!
Wow! A Chocolate Car! - Enjoy these photos, then write about what you would make out of chocolate!
The Sweet Lure of Chocolate - Take a video tour of the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory, visit the Amazon (a source of chocolate), learn why it's a "feel good" food
Wide World of Wonka! - Fun and games for anyone!

light_buib.jpgNational Inventors Day - February 11th

Established by Ronald Reagan to commemorate inventors' contributions on Thomas Edison's birthday.
**Inventions** **and** **Inventors** - Enchanted Learning
All About Inventors - collection of biographies from Cybersleuth kids
The Great Idea Finder- invention facts & myths, biographies, and more
Inventor of the Week - can browse by inventor last name and type of inventions
**Inventor Hall of Fame** - alphabetical list of inventors
Scientisits and Inventors - Library of Congress site
Invention Timelines from About.com
Discovery Streaming videos available - Elementary Video Adventures: Inventors and Inventions, Who are Inventors?, Animated Hero Classics:Benjamin Franklin: Scientist and Inventor, Orville and Wilbur Wright: Entrepreneurs and Inventors, and more.


Mardi Gras

Preview all sites carefully before sharing with students!

**!Carnaval!**- Excellent site. Origin, stories and more

Mardi Gras Quiz - Trivia about Mardi Gras traditions and more
Mardi Gras Quiz - short answer from thinkquest
Mardi Gras New Orleans- teacher information
New Orleans - PBS site
Infoplease- background information for teachers


National Children's Dental Health Month (American Dental Association)

ADA Fun Sheets for kids - SCROLL down to find these. These come in printable English and Spanish versions
Healthy Teeth - kid-friendly information about cavities, visiting the dentist, experiments and activities, quiz and more!
Colgate Kids - online games and activities for ages 2-9.
Magic Schoolbus - Brushing Up interactive book. Also click on More about Teeth to find another game and some printables!


Winter Olympics

Olympic Movement website- great for teacher reference, includes information on past, present, and future games. It includes information about the sports for winter and summer Olympics, athletes, countries and more.
Sochi 2014 - Official site
Winter Olympics for Kids** - scroll down to meet the mascots, find out information about the games, worksheets, weblinks and more.
Science of the Winter Olympics - NBC Learn - video clips and more! Check out the * Lesson Plans that go with the Science of the Winter Olympics!
Olympic Resources Collection - from Teachers First
Team USA** - Website featuring the members of the US Olympic team.
Olympic Challenge Collaborative Project
Winter Olympics webquest** - Vancouver. Great activity for computer labs. The 2014 webquest is for sale at TeachersPayTeachers (cost involved).
Winter Olympics Memorable Moments**- great information/trivia for kids from Factmonster!
Winter Olympics through the Years**- reference information from infoplease on past Olympics (site includes popups).
Winter Olympics from Enchanted Learning**- includes easily understandable current information and history. Some resources are only for members but some of the free resources include a **quiz on the Olympics**, an **Olympics crossword puzzle**, a template to **invent a new Olympic sport**or **your favorite sport**, and a template for **student medals.**
**Common Core Winter Olympics Critical Thinking Activity** - from Ben Bache (may require login - see your TIS or PBL representative).
**Winter Olympics** - Bingo and Decimal Activity
Winter Olympics in One Place - SMART Notebooks, lesson plans and more!
Best Sites for Learning About the Olympics - Larry Ferlazzo (middle school ESOL)
Winter Olympics Pinterest Board
Going for the Gold - resources collected by Edutech for Teachers**
Some images are from Microsoft Clipart Gallery.


100th Day of School

People in Order - YouTube video featuring people ages 1-100 counting out their ages.

100 Snowballs - click and drag 100 snowballs to make patterns, pictures and more!
**100th Day with Gamequarium** - includes interactive websites, smartboard ideas, printables and more
**100th DAY OF SCHOOL**– IDEAS and links
**100th Day Theme** - lesson plans and resources from atozteacher stuff
**100th Day activities and Ideas** from apples for the teacher
. **100th Day of school** - Enchanted Learning - activities, crafts, printouts and more
100th Day of School Homepage - list of classroom activities, websites and more
**Education World**: Celebrate the 100th day in 100 ways
**Read Write Think 100 Days** - calendar of activities
**Starfall** - 100th day Activity
Give the Dog a Bone - find the hidden picture in the 100 square!
**Counter Square** - web-based tool that can be used for the 100th day
Counting Along to 100 with Harcourt - interactive hundred square - use your smart onscreen keyboard to type in the missing numbers.
Counter Chart- 100 Days - Move markers to count by 1s,5s, 10s - use counters to show patterns. Click on the ideas link for more ideas.
**Can Teach**- Songs and Poems
**ABC Teach printables**- 100th day certificates, bookmarks and other worksheets
**100th Day Resources** from 42 Explore
**Max's Math Adventures**- Counting - audio story/activity of counting with 100 pennies - from Scholastic. Includes a printable pdf file.
Max's Math Adventures- Estimating - audio story/activity of estimating with candy from Scholastic. Includes a printable pdf file.
100th Day Educational Websites Collection - themes, books, activities and more


February has an extra day in a leap year - February 29th! It's known as "Leap Day!"

Check out these resources!

LEAP Year (next LEAP Year will be 2020)

LEAP into Leap Year - Resources for the elementary classroom
History of Leap Year - from Free Technology for Teachers