January Monthly Highlights

snow.gifHappy New Year!

New Year Resolutions - A resolution is a promise or goal you make for yourself.
Write 3 resolutions for this New Year!

... a few ideas from ABC Teach ...
January Poem Write an Acrostic Poem about the month of January!

New Year Interview: (this link requires abcteach subscription) A New Year has arrived and you can look forward to reaching new goals. You can also learn from the past and from those who are older than you!

January GlyphFollow directions to color the letters of January.

Winter Writing Prompts Encourage your students to think and write!

German Winter Vocabulary Which German sentence describes the picture?

January Writing Bugs - Writing Prompts/Printables from Education World for January or use the Anytime Writing Link for More Resources

January Holiday and Special Days Resources from Education World


Review or provide additional information about weather!

snow.gifTemperature World - About thermometers and how they work
Weather - Lessons to identify different kinds of weather, describe the weather & different weather symbols, etc. Examples suitable for use with a whiteboard.

snow.gifCloud Boutique - Explanations and pictures of basic cloud forms
Clouds - Yet more links! Cloud Types - & more!

snow.gifNational Weather Service, Columbia, SC - Columbia area forecast
**Weather Folklore**- Weather folklore as well as info on storms, temperature and lots more! Great resource!
Weather - Links from EduScapes


Winter Wonderland- online wiki project - This project for K-3rd grade has already started but you can still register (lasts through February). Upper Level classrooms may get some ideas from it too. It is a prefect example of a wiki, and it offers may activities that use web 2.0 tools.

Winter Weather Watch Scavenger Hunt (an Education World Lesson)
Blizzard of Winter Lessons (from Education World)

snow.gifWinter Storms (from Scholastic) You can make your own blizzard ... cool!
Explore winter storms, try the interactive weather maker, check the wind chill factor chart, brush up on storm terms, and send your weather questions to - Ask the Expert!

snow.gifWinter! - (from TeacherVision) Language Arts, Math Word Problems, Science, Social Studies, Literature Tie-Ins, Art, and more! Do you know the different kinds of snow? How about that the greatest North American snow storm in history occurred on Feb. 13–19, 1959, when 15 feet, 8 inches of snow fell in a single snow storm at Mt. Shasta Ski Bowl, California?? Where were you then?

snow.gif **Winter's Story** (from NASA)
"How can falling snow, snow storms, snowpacks, and ice cores help us to understand weather, climate and climate change?"




Let it Snow!

Snowman Venn Diagram - Compare 2 snowmen!
Snow Crystals - "How full of creative genius is the air in which these are generated! I should hardly admire them more if real stars fell and lodged on my coat." --Henry David Thoreau, 1856
Snowtastic Snow - The Science of Snow - Did you Know - For it to snow the tops of the clouds must be below 0 degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit? Discover interesting snow facts, learn about snow animals, glaciers, frost, avalanches, icebergs, and more!
snow.gifAdditional Snow Activities & Links (from Eduscapes) Everything for units related to snow!

Polar Regions

Brrrr....It is cold SOMEWHERE in the world!
Imagine being at the North Pole or South Pole!
Discover the Polar Habitats -
Facts About the Arctic

Geography - Location of Antarctica and the Arctic; How far is it from here to there?
  • Learn facts About Antarctica and the Arctic
  • Animals of the Polar Regions
  • Compare/Contrast the Arctic & Antarctica
  • Read "Mr. Popper's Penguins"!
  • Discovery streaming videos (Polar Bears/Penguins)

**Polar Bears International** - For Polar Bear Lovers All Over the World - Most anything you want to know!



Are penguins birds? Do they fly? Do penguins have fur or feathers? Where do penguins live?
Learn more about these special animals!
Information, Internet resources, and classroom activities!

Fun and Facts About Penguins - lesson plans, pictures, habitat information, quizzes, fact scavenger hunts and more

Penguins at - printouts, worksheets, quizzes and more. Some resources are free, some require a subscription.

Penguins - background information from Sea World

Penguin Planet - great images and video - Strict copyright on the site's images - cannot be copied without permission. Click on Kids Corner for more links, quizzes and games.

Penguin info from 42Explore - scroll down to see some penguin webquest links.


Feed and Enjoy Birds in Winter!

ENature Regional Birding - Ten most common backyard birds seen in January
Winter Bird Feeder - What do birds want? Keep them coming back!
All About Birds - A resource for learning about birds
Birds of South Carolina - Photos and information

Great Backyard Bird Count - Consider participating!
Great Backyard Bird Count- The annual Great Backyard Bird Count will once again be sweeping the nation. Get Ready to “Count Birds for the Record!”

Birds for Kids - from the Smithsonian National Zoo - includes bird facts, games and migratory information.

Zoom Birds- information from EnchantedLearning. Some resources free, some require subscription.


Snug in the Snow - Treat your students to information about hibernation!

A Time To Sleep - Explore the animals' winter habitats with classroom activities across the curriculum

**How Do Animals Spend the Winter?** Hibernate - Migrate - Adapt!

**Winter Animals** (from Scholastic - Grades PreK-2) - Learn about where animals live during the winter, understand how to use a bar graph, learn about a cold weather bird - the penguin.

**Hibernation and Migration Resources**from Philip Martin's website - includes PowerPoint presentation and links to other websites.

Hibernating Animal Printouts - from Enchanted Learning - may require a subscription. Check with your school to see if you have a school account. If not, the individual teacher accounts are pretty reasonable.


Join Journey North for Winter and Spring Learning Experiences!
"Journey North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share their own field observations with classmates across North America.
Widely considered a best-practices model for education, Journey North is the nation's premiere "citizen science" project for children."
  • Mystery Class (Photoperiod) Find where 10 Mystery Classes are located, using sunrise and sunset clues!
  • Tulip Garden - Track the sweep of spring in the Northern Hemisphere by keeping an eye on plants (Red Emperor tulips) as they burst forth and bloom!
  • Migrations - Whooping Cranes, American Robin, Monarch Butterfly, Hummingbird and more!

Animal Migration from the Utah Education Network - includes Background information and a great collection of web resources.

NASA Tracking Animal Migration - Play migration concentration, watch a video of migrating geese or click on an animal species that is being tracked to find out more about them.

Hibernation and Migration Resourcesfrom Philip Martin's website - includes PowerPoint presentation and links to other websites.

Great Lakes Kids Migration Game - Up to 4 people can play this interactive game (or can break into table teams). Birds encounter difficulty along the way as they roll the dice to reach their winter destination.

Migration - Background and Activities from BrainpopJr. Includes video, suggestions, and activities. Video requires school subscription or try the free trial to test it out.


Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den - An online guide to tracks and tracking. Good photos.

Inauguration Day

Congress for Kids - What is an Inauguration?
Jr. Ranger Presidential Inauguration Activity Book - from the National Park Service
Presidential Inaugurations - from Social Studies for Kids, what happens when and a little history.
Inauguration Day - National Geographic
Best Sites for Learning About the Inauguration - from Larry Ferlazzo's blog - he is a secondary teacher, preview resources before using.

Martin Luther King

(See February's Page for our Black History Month Resources.)
external image bulmulti.gif Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Cyber Hunt! Explore/Search for answers - Learn!
We celebrate his birthday on the 3rd Monday in January!
Commemorate the Life of Dr. King- video clips, slideshow, minibooks, vocabulary activities and muich more from
external image bulmulti.gif An Interactive Quiz from the Seattle Times - Excellent information about this famous civil rights leader can also be found on their MLK home page.
external image bulmulti.gif One Man's Quest for Equality - A WebQuest to increase your knowledge!
external image bulmulti.gif Martin Luther King, Jr. - EduScapes Guide - Timelines, Letters, Speeches, WebQuests, Lesson Plans, and lots of helpful links!
external image bulmulti.gif African American History Month - Links to Internet resources, books, and activities for learning more about Martin Luther King and African American History
**The King Center** Has a great excerpt/word video right at the beginning of his definition of greatness and service (excerpt from the Drum Major Instinct Sermon). You could use it to discuss public speaking, fluency, Civil Rights Movement, to begin a Service Learning project, the list is endless! They could even write a response to MLK's definition of greatness or write their own definition of greatness in a journal or blog.
Martin Luther King - Education World Lesson Planning Article
Martin Luther King - Teacher Planet Lesson Plans and Auxiliary Materials
MLK Remembered - from National Geographic for Kids
MLK Photo Gallery - from National Geographic for Kids
The Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. - from Social Studies for Kids


100th Day of School

Great quick ideas for 100th Day - Education World

People in Order - YouTube video featuring people ages 1-100 counting out their ages.
100 Snowballs - click and drag 100 snowballs to make patterns, pictures and more!
**100th Day with Gamequarium** - includes interactive websites, smartboard ideas, printables and more
**100th DAY OF SCHOOL**– IDEAS and links
**100th Day Theme** - lesson plans and resources from atozteacher stuff
**100th Day activities and Ideas** from apples for the teacher.
**100th Day of school** - Enchanted Learning - activities, crafts, printouts and more
100th Day of School Homepage - list of classroom activities, websites and more
**Education World**: Celebrate the 100th day in 100 ways
**Read Write Think 100 Days** - calendar of activities
**Starfall** - 100th day Activity
Give the Dog a Bone - find the hidden picture in the 100 square!
**Counter Square** - web-based tool that can be used for the 100th day
Counting Along to 100 with Harcourt - interactive hundred square - use your smart onscreen keyboard to type in the missing numbers.
Counter Chart- 100 Days - Move markers to count by 1s,5s, 10s - use counters to show patterns. Click on the ideas link for more ideas.
**Can Teach**- Songs and Poems
**ABC Teach printables**- 100th day certificates, bookmarks and other worksheets
**100th Day Resources** from 42 Explore
**Max's Math Adventures**- Counting - audio story/activity of counting with 100 pennies - from Scholastic. Includes a printable pdf file.
Max's Math Adventures- Estimating - audio story/activity of estimating with candy from Scholastic. Includes a printable pdf file.
100th Day Educational Websites Collection - themes, books, activities and more
100th Day of School - Technology Rocks - websites, printables and more!
100th Day of School BrainPop Jr. Video:
GUESS the NUMBER: Excellent!!!! I would say this one is appropriate for all grade levels...good one!
Splat Squares Reveal: Who can find the number that is 2 tens and 5 ones?
SEE HERE to call out numbers for students to create an apple, a tree or a flower.
100th Day Weebly - great links to lots of 100th Day websites
Some Songs:
Count by 1s to 100 SONG/VIDEO

Count by 5s to 100 SONG/VIDEO

Count by 10s to 100 SONG/VIDEO

​iPad - ​
Love this activity that uses the app Oldster (Teacher iPad).
Counting Board app -Digital 100s chart
This is a great activity to introduce the complete 100s grid. It is a free app called Counting Board. The children simply tap a square, find the corresponding number on their number grid and color it in. This keeps them SO engaged!!

snow.gifIditarod in Alaska

Iditarod - Resources and information for teachers from the Official Iditarod site.

Inauguration Day

Some sites may be helpful for social studies lessons in the meantime (examining the presidents of the decade you are studying for interesting inauguration facts, speeches, and more).

****Hail to the Chief**** - Inauguration lessons from Education World - comparison of poems read, comparison of addresses given, weather facts, trivia and more
****Inauguration Firsts Trivia hunt**** - includes links to a precedents page with info on the shortest speech, first photographed, televised, etc...
**I Do Solemnly Swear**- Presidential Inaugurations through history from American Memory site. Info, photos about each president and more
American Rhetoric-Top 100 Speeches - great speeches in history, several inauaguration speeches including John F. Kennedy's speech & oath of office, some response to historical events/tragedies. You can listen online or save the mp3 file to play on an ipod.
**I Do Solemnly Swear**- inauguration information from 18 previous presidents
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the US - use as Reader's Theater or to examine issues that were important at the time.

snow.gifPBS Teachers- Create a free account to access activity packs, resources, professional development and more. Organized by grade band/subject links across the top of the webpage.

Internet4Classrooms- K-12 links and so much more. Includes links to a wide variety of subjects, lesson plans, resources for special education and ESOL.

Thinkfinity - thousands of resources for teachers. Find lesson plans, interactive games and activies, web resources and much more! This site includes NCTE's ReadWriteThink, NCTM's ILLUMINATIONS, the Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge, Smithsonian's History Explorer, National Geographic's Xpeditions, EdSITEment (Humanities), EconEdlink (Economics), Science Netlinks, and Verizon's Literacy Network.

42 Explore - Thematic Pathfinders for all Ages - Free educational resources and websites organized by subject.

snow.gifStart the New Year with some SMARTboard Resources!

SmartBoard Lesson Exchange:join here to find or share lessons.
Smartboard Lesson Custom search: Searches 18 sites for SMARTBoard files and websites to use with SMARTBoard
Smartboard Podcasts : listen to this podcast for new ideas, websites, etc... New episodes each week
**TeqSMART** - sign up for free and access resources

snow.gifWebsites to use with your SMARTboard

Whiteboard Tools - Interactive Teaching Programs - A series of links to the DfES Standards site. Each link takes you to a free, downloadable application perfectly suited for whiteboard use in the classroom.

Primary Resources for Interactive Whiteboards - Suggestions for sites that work well on interactive whiteboards in the primary classroom

K-2 Student Interactives - Click on the subject link to locate interactive activities. This website also includes links to 3-6 student interactives and 7-12 student interactives.

PBS Kids Interactive Whiteboard websites - interactive websites organized by subject

Teachers Hub - A K-12 Interactive Learning Center

Teacher Resources

Lexington One's Teacher Resource Center - Find a wide variety of resources (Smart units, worksheets, lesson plans, assessments, and more) made for Lexington One teachers by Lexington One teachers. See your TIS for the username and password and to find out more information about sharing your resources.