It's May!

Free Downloads from ABC Teach!

May Is ... - Writing Prompt
Mother's Day - Bar Graph Analysis


Every Day is Mother's Day - A reading comprehension about a special Mother's Day gift with multiple choice questions
Mother's Day Resources - Worksheets from ABC Teach (some are free, some require a subscription)

Mother's Day Similes - Writing prompt

May Writing Bugs - Writing Prompts/Printables from Education World for May or use the Anytime Writing Link for More Resources
May Holiday and Special Days Resources from Education World

UnknownMothers Are Special! Celebrate!

Brainstorm adjectives that describe your mom using Inspiration.
Write an Acrostic Poem with these words in MS Word.
She will appreciate your thoughts!
MS Word (Example)
MS Word (Blank)
Inspiration File

Motherhood Math: Mothers in the Workforce - Study an online table and discover how the number of mothers in the workforce has changed since 1955 - Worksheet included.
Memories of Mom - Students write their special memories of Mom using daily writing prompts - A Holiday Memory With Mom, A Funny Moment With Mom, The Best Advice My Mother Gave Me , Mom Always Says ... , A Time I Told a Fib to Mom, and more.

Mother's Dayon - ecards, crafts, lesson plans and coloring activities.

images.jpegCinco de Mayo ("5th of May")

Cinco de Mayo WebQuest- Discover Mexican history and culture! This webquest includes links to websites for learning more about the history of Cinco de Mayo, fiesta food, Mariachi music, and pinatas!
Interactive Quiz - Take the quiz to learn more about Cinco de Mayo.
Cinco de Mayo - Resources from Teach-nology - lesson plans, vocabulary builders, crafts, and more
Discovery Education Streaming - View "Holiday Facts and Fun: Cinco de Mayo" - Blackline Master student learning sheet and online quiz included
Cinco de Mayo resources- e-cards, crafts, coloring pages, and lesson plans from

images-2.jpegMay - National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Resources, Lessons, and Activities for Physical Education (from Education World)
Help students be physically fit! Web links such as "Fun Fitness Times Five", "Fantastic Field Days", "Let's Get Physical", "Computers and Phys Ed Do Mix", and more!
PE Central: Log It! - An activity mileage log designed to motivate kids to become physically active. "In addition to recording their steps or miles, they can participate in a virtual hike across the USA with their class ..."

Kidnetic Try different sections of this site! Move - focuses on physical activity ("wet head games"), Eat, Talk, and Learn.
You might want to try Betchacant - an email challenge to dare friends to beat you at an activity such as hopping on one foot.

Brain Breaks- physical activity idea book for elementary classroom teachers
Kids Health - why exercise is cool

GoNoodle - Get the wiggles out! Sign up for free movement and dance videos!


Web Cams - for those times you want to rest and relax, but also see what's happening!

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Web Cams Take a look at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sometimes you might catch them feeding the animals or giving visitors a tour!
Columbia Riverbanks Zoo Web Cam - Enjoy sights from our own zoo. Different exhibits are featured from time to time!




Journey North

(Teaching Materials & Lessons)
(Student Materials)

The Hummingbird Nest by Kristine O'Connell George
(Reading some of the hummer poems aloud...)
(Teacher's Guide)
Time For Kids Special on Book

Egg to Fledgling Countdown:

Operation Ruby Throat:

Photogallery of all kinds of hummers: menu/menu_gallery

Memorial Day Resources** - Internet Scavenger Hunt, small group and whole class activities and more.
Monthly Themes - Memorial Day Quizzes, puzzles, coloring pages, websites and more from Houghton Mifflin.

Memorial Day - History, information, web links.
National World War II Museum- timelines, lesson plans, oral histories and more.

USS Arizona - history, sections for teachers and for kids
Memorial Day from - ecards, crafts, lesson plans

images-3.jpegYippee! It's Vacation Time!

Start planning your summer vacation!

Students can use the Internet to research weather in different cities of the United States. They record data about temperature and rainfall. This data is then used to create a spreadsheet and graph. After comparing the different cities' weather, the students decide where they would like to vacation.
As an extension, students can then research attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc. to discover more about their chosen vacation area. A persuasive paragraph is then written convincing others to choose this location as the perfect vacation spot!

Vacation Worksheet Vacation Spreadsheet Example


Do a survey of the locations your students will be traveling this summer.

Use MS Excel to collect and graph their responses. Practice graph reading skills!

Make a Vacation Graph!

flowerorg.gifWrite About Your Dream Vacation!

For interesting fun, students can pick one imaginary place they'd like to visit this summer, then write a short paragraph about it to share with the class. Include where they're going, why they want to go, and one special attraction they would like to see while visiting.

Here are a few locations to give a start! Use Internet resources!

Myrtle Beach - South Carolina
Charleston - South Carolina
Savannah - Georgia
Disney World - Florida
NatureScene Interactive - US Parks
The Caribbean - Tropical islands
Hawaii- The ? state to join the United States of America.

bupink.jpgAdditional Geography Resources:

MapMachine - Locate cities, countries, or other locations around the world - cool map here!
MapQuiz - Tons of quizzes to keep you busy for hours. Lots of other "stuff" here too!
The World Fact Book - Facts about countries of the world - Learn about others!
The USA Quiz - Excellent review of the 50 states with an interactive map.
GeoBee Challenge - Play everyday - You'll learn more about geography!
Biomes of the World - Rainforest, tundra, desert, grasslands, temperate, taiga
Habitats - Explore Cities & Suburbs, Deserts & Tundra, Forests, Fresh Water, Oceans & Coasts, and Prairies!
Foreign Language for Travelers - Learn common phrases; hear pronunciations; find currency exchange rates; a hotel database; and more! This is an excellent resource for Foreign Language teachers.
Geography4Kids - Physical geography and earth science basics - Earth Structure, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, BGC Cycles, Climates (You will also enjoy Chem4Kids and Biology4Kids)

Are We There Yet?

Kite_1.jpgGoogle Earth - Amazing way to explore the world!

MapQuest - Check the distance from home to your ideal vacation destiny!

RiverVenture! (from Your students will love these river excursions - "The Three Rivers", Columbia, SC and "The Estuary", Charleston, SC - Move your mouse & see all that appears! See if you can find the Panoramas, gather clues, and file a River Wrap report. Click and learn as you journey!

NatureScene Interactive (SCETV) Explore parks and nature preserves across the United States! Destination options include: Take the Tour (includes videos), Lay of the Land, Who Lives Here?, Who Am I?, Site Description, and wonderful Learning Resources for teachers, students, and families!

WayBack - Summer Vacation! (from PBS American Experience)
Take an Internet Road Trip to some of America's favorite vacation spots! Start at a vineyard off the cape, continue to Saratoga Springs, the Catskill Mountains, Coney Island, Great Smoky Mountains, Opryland, and more. Short paragraphs with a picture are used to introduce the destinations. A US map reveals your progress throughout the journey! Special feature stories include Miami Beach, Car Camping, and Summer Camp.

National Geographic Explorer - Play this month's game! Enjoy the Activities, Articles, Word Challenge, and Quick Flicks all through the summer!

discus_logo_full_light_print.pngDigital Information for South Carolina Users

Remember to take advantage of South Carolina's Virtual Library - an electronic library of essential information and learning resources for all South Carolina citizens. You will find a wealth of information - Biography Resource Center, Health & Wellness Resource Center, What Do I Read Next?, Britannica Online, SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Knowledge Source - do use this wonderful resource!
DISCUS can be accessed from school, home, or the public library!

ladybug.jpg BUGS! BUGS! BUGS! They're Everywhere in Summer!

These creepy crawlies are from the Arthropod group of animals. Do you know the characteristics of all insects? Take time to explore!
Let's Talk About Insects! Gain an appreciation of insects. Learn how insects grow and develop (metamorphosis) and learn the importance of insects in our environment.

Insects! Click on the insect pictures for Internet resources. Sample lesson plans and activities are available.

Discovery Education Streaming - Explore videos such as The Incredible World of Insects, Junior Zoologist: Insects,Those Amazing Arthropods!, World of Nature: Insect Disguises, Insects: Facts and Folklore, and more!
(Do a keyword search: insects)

Swimming Anyone?

**Wild Animal Watch: Dolphins** - What are dolphins? What's the difference between a dolphin and a porpoise? What are flippers and flukes? How fast do dolphins swim? What is echolocation? Learn all about these exciting mammals of the sea!
**What Is A Dolphin?** (from SeaWorld)

**About Marine Animals** - Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Seals, Sea Lions, Walruses, Manatees, Dugongs, and more!
**Discovery Education Streaming** - Take advantage of the many opportunities to show your students "real-life" videos! Blackline Masters, Teacher Guides, and South Carolina Standards are available.
(Do a keyword search: dolphins or whales or oceans)

**Miami Sea Aquarium**
Swim with the dolphins!
**Whale Web** - Facts -whales, dolphins, & porpoises

Stay Sharp During the Summer Months!

bugreen.jpgLanguage Arts

Carol Hurst's Literature Site - A wealth of information - reviews of books for students, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom, subject resources, curriculum areas, themes - a wonderful resource for cross-curriculum planning.
Storyline Online - An online streaming video program featuring Screen Actors Guild members reading children's books aloud
FableVision Place - Stories, games, and fun places!
Story Hour from the Internet Public Library - Perfect stories for group classroom viewing...Do take a few minutes and look at "Do Spiders Live on the World Wide Web?" Consider having your class write, illustrate, and publish their own story! Summer Reading - Encourage your students to read during the summer months.Here are several Internet sites you can suggest to them!
Page By Page Books - Expand your horizons! Read a book online! - A reading activity site especially for kids! - Book lists, topics, suggested reading - The #1 Fun Poetry Site for Kids on the Web
Children's Storybooks Online - Read online with your students! They can read during the summer!
Writing - Help your students learn to write well. (Tips for parents and teachers are included, too!)
Young Writers Workshop - Story starters and activity pages to encourage writing
Language Arts Internet Resources - from internet4 classrooms



NumberNut - Shapes & Colors, Counting,Operations, Date & Time, Money, Decimals, and more
Mega Mathematics - If you're looking for unusual math activities that encourage thinking skills, this is the place! Take a look at "The Most Colorful Math of All, "Games On Graphs", or "Machines That Eat Your Words" for a start. Your students will remember your class forever if you dare to try any of these activities with them.
Visual Fractions - Interactive practice using lines and circles to identify fractions. Fun!
All About Fractions (from AAAMath) - Each page has an explanation, interactive practice, and challenge games about fractions.
Fractions - Elementary School Lessons & Materials - Explore many ways to help students understand fractions. The "Review and Enrichment" section has several fun games such as
I've Got Your Number - A super way to review any math skill. - Word problems based on Dr. Seuss books - Ready to print! Also, you can find word problems based on The Three Little Pigs (higher grades - lower grades)
101 Math Links (from, which has links for all subjects) This web site will give you links to math sites for a variety of grade levels and math skills.
Math Baseball - Play ball and practice math!
Math Internet Resources- from!

bupurple.jpgPrimary Resources - Free lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for teachers in all subject areas - Web, PowerPoint, SMART Board, and more!

Teachers Hub K-12 Interactive Learning Center Online curriculum resources
Review skills with interactive learning! This site has resources for elementary, middle, and high school students plus a quiz hub, spelling hub, words hub, and teachers hub!