November Monthly Highlights

November Writing Bugs - Writing Prompts/Printables from Education World for November or use the Anytime Writing Link for More Resources

November Holiday and Special Days Resources from Education World - Election Day, Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving and more



Use these SMART Notebook files to learn more about the election process!

Check out these Election Resources!!!

Veteran's Day

VA Kids - K-5 - Resources for inquiring minds about Veteran's Day
Veterans Day Teaching Theme - (from Teach-nology) Lesson Plans, Internet sites, vocabulary builders, crafts, worksheets, puzzles, web quests, songs, clip art, and more!
Veterans Day Crafts, books, ideas and more - from Enchanted Learning
Veterans Day - America's Story
Veteran's Day Lesson Plans and Activities - resources, links, and ideas from Education World

A collection of web links, books, activities, and more compiled by James Bryan, Educational Consultant
Your students will learn basic facts from this PowerPoint overview of Veteran's Day.

Veteran's Day Research - Use this Internet research activity to learn more about why this day is special!

Patriotic Links for Veteran's Day Studies and Other USA Activities

bugreen.jpg **Discovery Education Streaming** video available.
"America At Its Best: The American Government"/"What It Means To Be An American Citizen"/"We All Contribute and Make a Difference", "Battle for Midway" (Gr. 8-Adult), "Events of the Twentieth Century: Return To Vietnam" (Gr. 7-Gr. 12)

VA for Kids- short info from the veteran's administration for K-5 students - includes games and activities. Also includes site for 6th -12th grade (**VA Kids 6-12th**).

Armed Forces video - From brainpop - may need a school login/subscription to view.
History of Veteran's Day- a short written history from
The Story of Veteran's Day(3 1/2 minute video) -from (3 1/2 minute video). Short history of when Veteran's Day started. There is a sponsor message/commercial at the beginning so you may want to mute/still your audio and projector and then pause at the beginning of the video.


A PowerPoint with general information about pumpkins - Learn about the fruit used to make those delicious pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving!

Pumpkins - Enchanted Learning Resources

What is a Cornucopia? - from Wonderopolis

Anniversary of Assassination of JFK

On Friday, November 22, 1963, JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

Elementary Resources - John F Kennedy (from JFK Library)

Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination

Lessons on American Presidents: Kennedy

turkey.jpegResearch and Learn About the Turkey!

The American Turkey (Kidzone)

Wild Turkey (eNature) Meleagris gallopavo

All About Wild Turkeys (National Wild Turkey Federation)

Turkeys at Enchanted Learning Printouts, activities, crafts, and information

Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving - Wonderopolis video



Thanksgiving Resources for your SMARTboard - websites from the Teachers Love SMARTboard Blog

Thanksgiving Symbaloo- Many great links!

History of the Cherokee - History of the Cherokee (from Cherokee, NC site)
The First Americans - Tribes, Activities, History and sterotypes. Includes Teach information section.

Packing the Pilgrim's Trunk (K-2 Lesson Plan from ReadWriteThink) - don't forget to click on the resources tab!

**Discovery Education Streaming** videos available!
Search: Native Americans (People of the Desert, Anasazi, Plains, Northwest, Forest), The Cherokee - Trail of Tears , and many more. Blackline masters are available for selected videos.

Plimoth Plantation, The First Thanksgiving and More

Learn at Plimoth Plantation - A glimpse of life as it was in Plymouth Colony in 1627 - Be sure to engage your students in "You Are the Historian". This is excellent!

The First Thanksgiving - Relive the voyage on the Mayflower, Experience Life in Plimoth 1621, Play the Thanksgiving CyberChallenge, View a Picture Timeline!

Check out Scholastic's Thanksgiving Central for all the teaching resources you need.

Primary Source Set: Thanksgiving - Show students orginial documents from this period of history - Mayflower, Pilgrims, documents, paintings, etc.Thanksgiving in American Memory - Be sure to click the Thanksgiving Timeline here!

**You are the Historian** - Investigating the First Thanksgiving ( May want to download as suggested due to high traffic).

Thanksgiving CyberChallenge - Become a Thanksgiving expert!

Thanksgiving Theme Unit from abcteach - Printouts, Shape Books, Venn Diagrams, Math Problems, Crosswords, Story Starters, and more

Discovery Education Streaming videos available:
"Who's That Stepping On Plymouth Rock?"
"Holiday Facts and Fun: Thanksgiving"


Students name 3 persons for whom they are thankful and give 3 reasons why.

MS Word files you can use in your classroom during the Thanksgiving season. One uses the word "Thanks" as an acrostic poem. The other has 3 simple thought questions about Thanksgiving. Use at your classroom computer center or in the computer lab -- or you can print them for student writing.

Thanksgiving Stationary 1 - Thanksgiving Stationary 2
Make a list of things you are thankful for or write a Thank you note!

More Thanksgiving Resources

Thanksgiving Dinner Math Problem Solving – great for Smartboard collaboration

Scholastic: The First Thanksgiving

Madlib: Thanksgiving Style

Scholastic Thanksgiving Teaching Kit – daily life, book list, interactive tours, readers theater and more!

Thanksgiving K-2 Scholastic (see links on the right)

Thanksgiving 3-5 Scholastic (see links on the right)

Thanksgiving Fun and Facts Livebinder– click on the different tabs to find more resources

Touring the Mayflower and Daily Life in Plymouth

Mr. Turkey iPad App for Early Childhood

The First Thanksgiving Fact or Myth

Media Specialist’s Guide to Holidays – scroll down til November/Thanksgiving Section

Brainpop Thanksgiving (use your school's brainpop login if you have one)

Brainpop Jr Thanksgiving (use the SC Discus login or access Brainpop Jr from

Best Sites to Learn About Thanksgiving - preview – some may be more secondary than others….


Colonial Williamsburg - Treat your class to a Virtual Tour of this famous town in Virginia! See the places and experience life in the 18th century - family, food, clothing, animals, tools, trade, and more!

Thirteen Colonies (from Social Studies for Kids) An interactive map - Click on a colony to learn more about it!

13 Colonies Quiz - Test your knowledge of the 13 Colonies. Can you tell why you made your answer choice?

Rare Map Collection: Colonial America - View maps from 1600's and 1700's

Colonial Kids - (ThinkQuest) A Celebration of Life in the 1700's - Learn about life in Colonial Times!

Colonial Craftsman - An activity designed for students to learn and experience the life of a Colonial Craftsman. Students use Internet Research, creative art design, and MS PowerPoint.

A Colonial Family and Community - Be a history detective! Go back in time and investigate the daily lives a colonial family from northeastern Connecticut during the mid-1700s.

bugreen.jpgHoliday Card Exchange Project - Join other classrooms (PreK - 6th grade) around the world and exchange holiday greeting cards (via regular mail.) Create a map area to show where the cards come from. Gingerbread is this year's theme!

bupurple.jpg (Excel file) Are your students excited about the upcoming football game between the USC Gamecocks and Clemson Tigers? Take a class survey!
It's fun and an interesting way for students to practice interpreting graphs.
Carolina vs. Clemson Rivalry - background info from Wikipedia