pumpkin.jpegOctober Monthly Highlights

October Writing Bugs - Writing Prompts/Printables from Education World for October or use the Anytime Writing Link for More Resources
October Holiday and Special Days Resources from Education World
October Month of Fun - from Education World
October Holidays, Worksheets, Lesson Plans and More - from Teachnology

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 2.31.54 PM.pngHalloween Activity Set - from Scholastic - crafts, writing activities and more!
Writing Mysteries - from Scholastic - Write your own mystery!
Halloween Tooth - Max's Math Adventure

National Metric Week

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National Metric Week (October)
It's the 10th month of the year and the week containing the 10th day!
Discover more about the measurement system based on 10.
U.S. Metric Association - Scroll down this web page for many metric resources.
Metrics Matter - A Thinkquest website to learn more about the metric system - there's a converter included on each page to help convert from the English system to the metric system.
Ideas for Celebrating Metric Week - What is the official name of the modern metric system and what is its abbreviation? The metric system consists of how many base units? Find answers to these questions and see ideas for celebrating metric week.

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**Measuring** Marvels - (from Scholastic) Students learn how to convert quantities from the English system to the metric system and think about the many ways in which measuring quantities is a part of daily life.
Celebrating Metric Week -Check out more of Scholastic's ideas for celebrating metric week.

Metric Measurement (from AAA Math) Learn - Practice - Play! Topics include Metric System Information, Mass, Length, Volume, and Temperature Converstions
Metric Mania Lessons - Metric lessons on length, volume, mass, conversion practice, and links to additional metric resources.
Animal Weigh-In - Do you know your kilograms and pounds? Drag weights to the empty scale to balance the animal's weight in either kilograms or pounds.
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National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - There are metric conversion problems available in the Measurement area. This site has wonderful manipulatives for other areas of math as well


Online Projects - Pumpkin Seed Count and More

Pumpkin Seed Count!! Register and participate!
Reinforce math and estimation skills with this collaborative online project!
It's especially for PreK - 3rd grade classes all around the world. Results are posted the end of October.
Check the Project Calendar to see! Collaborative projects are an exciting way to integrate technology, connect your students to the world, meet a variety of standards, and increase student learning!


Journey North (South)!** Participate in this global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change! K-12 students share field observations with classmates across North America. A variety of opportunities are available - Plant a tulip garden, send a symbolic Monarch to Mexico, track the Monarch butterflies or whooping cranes journey south, discover Mystery Classes by photoperiod clues, and more! Journey South News! Keep up with the migration news! It will be so interesting for your students! Updates are posted weekly.

Practice technology skills using MS Excel while solving these fall math word problems!
There are several sheets in this Excel file - see if you can discover the answers to all of them!

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Fire Prevention Week

Fire Safety Lesson Plans - Education World
Staying Alive Flip the Fire Monkey, coloring sheets, etc....
Fire Fighters & Fire Trucks powerpoints, games, etc.
Printable bookmarks:
Fire Safety Webquests:


October 15, 1794 - A Day in American History!

US Silver Dollar -The first silver dollars-and the first silver half dollars-were delivered on the same day! View photos and discover why the new federal dollar was not a brilliant success.
Enjoy using other resources from the National Museum of American History (Kids) - A wonderful teaching tool!
  • Our Story - objects through history.
  • Life in a Sodhouse - Our Story in History - Topics include Building a Sod House, You Be a Historian (looking at artifacts from life 200 years ago), and Buffalo Hide Paintings
  • The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden - Learn about the many responsibilities of the U.S. president, decode the symbols on the presidential seal, and write your own letter to the president.
  • Invention at Play - Explore the playful side of invention with four online activities designed to use your imagination.
  • Preserving the Star-Spangled Banner: You Solve the Mystery - Unravel the history of the Star-Spangled Banner, the flag that inspired our national anthem, by investigating clues hidden in the flag.
  • Who Am I? A History Mystery - Select a mystery character from the Civil War and examine objects that hold the key to their identity.
  • You Be the Conservator - Find out how Museum conservators work to save objects, photographs, and other materials for the future.
  • And MORE!



Explorer's Graveyard! This lesson offers a unique way to display information students acquire while researching Explorers and includes a combination of research and creative writing. You may even want to encourage students to use MS PowerPoint to design an individual "tombstone slide", then put them all together for a class show!

Famous Explorer Reports! Write a report about one of your favorite explorers. Information about how to write a report as well as explorer web sites can be found at this Enchanted Learning web site.

Explorers and Discoverer's Day- Links, resources, lesson plans and more from Education World on a wide variety of Explorers (from Christopher Columbus to Amelia Earhart)

The Lewis and Clark Expedition Discover the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)

Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark! Enjoy this resource with your students - They can personalize the web site with their name!

Lewis and Clark Follow their adventures with this interactive journey log! You'll see historical photos, drawings, and map along with text entries.

Adventurers and Explorers - Site sponsored by the Library of Congress. Information about Lewis and Clark and Amelia Earhart

Henry Hudson 400 - Celebrating the History of Hudson, Amsterdam and New York. Includes a wide variety of maps of Henry Hudson's 4 voyages, information about the first New Yorkers, a biography of Henry Hudson and more.

Discoverystreaming Videos Available! - "Exploring the World: Spanish Explorers of North America", "Challenging Geography: Explorers Discover America", "Exploring the World: The Viking Explorers", "Westward Strategy: Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition", "Math: Travel Around the World to Explore Trade", and more!

Explorers Webquest - information about Drake, Cortez, De Soto, Columbus and more. Includes an Explorers Quizand additional worksheets.

Explorers Links- from Social Studies for kids. Click on the dropdown arrow to select an explorer.


Columbus Information - Columbus Day

**The Columbus Navigation Homepage** Examine the world of a famous explorer! Find information on celestial navigation, longitude, and the ships Columbus sailed.

**Columbus's Lost Ships** Discover information about Christopher Columbus's ships -- How many were lost?

Columbus Information - Enchanted Learning - information, activities, minibooks and more

Christopher Columbus links - from Social Studies for Kids.

**Enchanted Learning:** Columbus

Christopher Columbus and the Big Surprise (online audio book)
Poems, songs, games, etc. - from Apples 4 the Teacher
BBC Famous People - Great for K-3
Columbus Day Reader’s Theater
Lessons & Games - lesson plans, facts and more
Christopher Columbus Information
Info & activities - from Enchanted Learning
Activities, Webquest, etc. - From Scholastic - maps, quizzes and more

Craft activity - paper hats

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 2.31.54 PM.pngBats

Bats! An excellent site for bat information and projects!

Bats! from Enchanted Learning - A teaching theme unit.

Don't Be Scared of Bats - from Scholastic - Listen and read along.

Bats Conservation International - all about bats, species information,
Kidz Cave, (video , pages, and more)
Halloween Webhunt - info about mummies, bats and more - from Scholastic
Discoverystreaming Video Available! - "Animal Profiles: Bats"


How much do you know about pumpkins?
This PowerPoint show provides many interesting pumpkin facts!

101 Things to do with Pumpkins!

The Pumpkin Nook - More pumpkin fun - giant pumpkins, carving, jack-o-lanterns, recipes, word search, games, etc. Be sure to look at the Facts/Education section!

Grow Pumpkins!**** - Steps on how to grow pumpkins

Carve a Pumpkin**** - Interactive where you carve a pumpkin with a knife.

Make a Pumpkin**** - from primary games.com (move shapes to make a face)

Pick a Pumpkin Activity - lessons plans, websites, and activities from Education World

Halloween by the Numbers -Candy and Pumpkins data

flagusa.gif Elections 2016

Click this link for many Election Resources! You can also find 2 SMART Notebook lessons to use!

dictionary.jpgCelebrate Dictionary Day with Dictionaries on the Web!

****Online Dictionary and Thesaurus****- from Merriam Webster
Look Way Up Dictionary - dictionary, multilingual dictionary, thesaurus and more. Claims you don't have to spell the word correctly - will fix it for you.
Picture Dictionary from Enchanted Learning, also translates words into Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese
All About Words - Lesson plans, links and activities from Education World to celebrate Dictionary Day/learn about the dictionary.
Biographical Dictionary- find out more about famous people
Internet Picture Dictionary - Great for early childhood or ESOL.

My Skeleton- Poems for Early Childhood from Education World

The Human Body- an Online Tour (Education World)

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 2.31.54 PM.pngOctober 29, 1929 Black Tuesday

Stock Market - October 29, 1929 - Stock Market Crash/Beginning of the Great Depression - Read newspaper articles from the New York Times to learn more about this historical event.
America's Story (Jump Back in Time) - Read and learn how the stock market crash affected everyone.
Stock Market Quiz - See how much you know about the stock market crash of October 29, 1929.
Stock Market Investing - Use this MS Excel spreadsheet to see how stocks you choose today gain or lose money!
There is a completed example sheet, a chart sheet, and a blank template sheet for you to choose your own stocks. Who wants to be a millionaire?
The NASDAQ Stock Market - American Stock Exchange - Up to date information
American Memory Timeline- The Great Depression -

Microsoft Office Clipart

Pirates of the Caribbean** - Information and photos are included in this web site that has everything to offer about the life of pirates!
Pirates! Fact & Legend - Facts of Piracy, Jolly Roger, Pirate Legends, Types of Pirates, Pirate Ships, and more.The Crows Nest - An Exploration of Pirates in South Carolina!
Pirates - What are Pirates, Buccaneers and Privateers? Discover this information and lots more. Be sure to try the Pirate Treasure Hunt!
Pirates (from National Geographic) Embark upon a "High Seas Adventure" or just learn more about Pirate Ports and the famous Blackbeard!
Pirates of the //Whyduh// - Explore the real life of pirates through North America’s famous pirate shipwreck!
Treasure Island - Read about Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote this famous pirate tale and meet the characters!


Guess Who is Coming to Our Classroom - Lesson plan idea from Education World. Join Miss Terie (mystery) in designing costumes for famous people. You can also connect it to people your class has been studying in Social Studies.

Halloween Activity Set - from Scholastic - crafts, writing activities and more!
Monster Mash Lesson Plan - Education World - create, advertise, describe, and market an invention.

By The Light of the Halloween Moon - Online language arts video of this scholastic book.

**North Carolina Legends and Ghost Stories** - Several tales to spook you! Read, enjoy, then write your own!

**The Moonlit Road** - Ghost stories and strange folktales of the American South, told by the region's most celebrated storytellers. PREVIEW before sharing with students.
**Haunted Alphabet** - find the hidden letters in the picture - click on the letters you find to complete the alphabet.

**Trick or Treat.com** - Spooky Activities, Ghoulish Games, Creepy Free Stuff, Teacher Resources, and more!
Take the virtual tour through the Haunted House (Spooky Activities) to learn the origins of Halloween traditions!

**Halloween Jokes** - More Halloween jokes for the kid in all of us.

**Halloween Activities** - (from the Teacher's Corner) Find examples of lessons as well as other links for classroom activities

**Salem Witch Trials** - (links from Eduscapes) - Research for your older students.
**Discoverystreaming Video Available!** - "Holiday Facts and Fun: Halloween"

external image bat.gif "Creepy Creatures!" - Learn about the classification of animals! Design your own "creepy creature!" Write a descriptive paragraph!
Students will have a "terror--rific" time learning with this integrated lesson.