external image diseL5y0TeBxvTPuPdJyc5xQxU9lCvRW8hieNE6t3eRGTpAWyh0nm2FzfA3htGe_n_Zs7KpHfX2Gjq4XeGcw6gKuVTwvSkrQraIPmdPRN_vOqmxSqH7gLV4wZQ0TLhirQQG2-O8

September Monthly Highlights

Labor Day Activities K-8 (from Eduplace) Labor Day is the first Monday in September and honors the worker. Examples of activities from Eduplace include: Helping Hands, Future Jobs Book, Word Scrambles, Everyday Heroes, Jobs Survey, and more
Labor Day - Kids Work Too! Students make a difference and contribute to society just as adults do. Learn more about what work teaches us!
What Interests You? Exploring Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics - Future career information for students
Labor Day - Find many resources for teaching about Labor Day and U.S. Labor History from this Education World article.

September Writing Bugs - Writing Prompts/Printables from Education World for September or use the Anytime Writing Link for More Resources
September Holiday and Special Days Resources from Education World - Constitution Day, Labor Day, Fall and more
September Resources from Internet4Classrooms

Celebrate Constitution Day – The US Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787!
"View high resolution scans of the original, signed Constitution; obtain a transcription of the document; read an essay about the Constitutional convention; learn dozens of fascinating facts about the Constitution; view images of the National Archives Rotunda, and learn about each of the signers at this site from the National Archives and Records Administration.."
Ben's Guide to Government - K-Grade 12 Resources for learning about our government
Education World - Lessons and ideas for teaching the Constitution
Constitution Day - website information about the Founding Fathers, the ammendments, and more.
Constitution Day Interactive sites - Interactive games and websites suggested by Free Technology for Teachers
Constitution Day - Booklets available to order; Interactive Constitution Quiz; Quotes; Puzzles; Test Your Knowledge; and more.
The Constitution of the United States (National Archives)
Preamble: Constitution of the United States (Yale Law School)
Interactive Constitution - Click on any of the images at the top of the page to read an explanation of an article or amendment.

Discovery Education Streaming videos available! ("Ssssh! We're Writing the Constitution", "Our Constitution: The Document that Gave Birth to a Nation", "The Almost Painless Guide to the U.S. Constitution")
A SMART Notebook file - primary students; basic information
A SMART Notebook file - upper elementary students; includes quiz

hummingbird.jpg Journey North (South)!
Participate in this global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change!
K-12 students share field observations with classmates across North America.
A variety of opportunities are available - - take advantage of these wonderful educational opportunities.
  • Plant a tulip garden!
  • Send a symbolic Monarch to Mexico - collaborate with the art teacher - your students will learn lots!
  • Track the Monarch butterflies or Whooping cranes journey south - what an adventure!
  • Discover Mystery Classes by photoperiod clues, and more!

external image zxMPXvylRYW-LIyr7h62gm3aJ2ayobcRMBIVY7j4K6XhIzylEG-DhEDF9mX3J8cDTqq1JLnXusJU1ffobBtpHBMphgAmuNrtl0mJE5gOvTd1WbWsblj9R6IJrG02ZACHXYPjo3o
Hurricane Theme Page - August and September are the peak months of hurricane season. This hurricane theme page will provide links to resources that provide interesting information about these powerful storms. In addition, there are special Internet research activities for use with your students. Your students would also enjoy making a graph of the most costly storms throughout the years. Enjoy learning more about hurricanes!

National Hurricane Center - Tropical Prediction Center - Follow hurricanes from their origins near the African coast across the Atlantic Ocean. This is a wonderful way to teach longitude and latitude without a worksheet. Give your class a real life lessons on how these skills are used!
(Click Maps & Charts or Satellite Imagery)

FEMA for Kids: Hurricanes Includes links to Hurricane History, videos and more!

Discovery Education Streaming videos about hurricanes are available!
11 Resources for Teaching about Forces of Nature - from the Free Technology for Teachers blog

Connect student learning to "real-life"! Follow the satellite tracking of a sea turtle. You can incorporate mapping skills, geography, science, and more.
The Caribbean Conservation Corporation & Sea Turtle Survival League
This organization has many educational resources including photos & video clips, Google Earth Tracking KMZ files, sea turtle information, printable maps for plotting, flash turtle quiz, etc. etc. Check the links on the left sidebar of the main page...here are two:
Educational Activities - http://www.cccturtle.org/satellitetracking.php?page=educationalactivities
More Educator Resources - http://www.cccturtle.org/sea-turtle-information.php?page=educational-resources

Another web site - seaturtle.org - also has excellent information and tracking options. Click the circular tabs at the top of the web page "multimedia", "ImageLib", "Tracking", etc. as well as the left sidebar links - Data Explorer, For Teachers, Tracking FAQ, etc. You can access their tracking data by creating an account (free) to login.

external image QclLR-9Cb1fEiWIFwde9yB0AgducbLxSBKuNNkYOCLOaT8okHq_BRRlhGakRejUyPaDFiL_u8RdhkcJV2gB20q-1YCVZqZPDB46Wt-U5J9OXsdM-jYMxfbKKB62pbX91Nx_XS1c
Gullah Net - Introduce the Gullah culture and language to students! There are folk tales narrated in English and Gullah. Gullah music introduces the evolution of African music in America. "Aunt Pearly Sue" and her sidekick "Reverend LeRoy" take visitors on a musical journey. Additionally, you should explore "What is Gullah?" for information on the history of Gullah people and their traditions. There is also an activity page entitled "Listen to Gullah" that lists English words that can be seen and heard in Gullah. A teacher resource page is included for classroom activities, field trip ideas, and other resources.
Jonathan Green is an artist raised in the Low Country of South Carolina who paints images of everyday life of Gullah people.
A Discovery Education Streaming Video - Detective Bonz and the SC History Mystery, Part 5 includes a segment on Gullah Culture as well as South Carolina's 6 Regions, SC Farmers' Market, and SC Industries. (You may find other parts of Detective Bonz relevant to your study of South Carolina, too!) Also, Family Across the Sea (Grades 9-12) explores connections between the Gullah of the South Carolina/Georgia Sea Islands and the people of West Africa.

external image QclLR-9Cb1fEiWIFwde9yB0AgducbLxSBKuNNkYOCLOaT8okHq_BRRlhGakRejUyPaDFiL_u8RdhkcJV2gB20q-1YCVZqZPDB46Wt-U5J9OXsdM-jYMxfbKKB62pbX91Nx_XS1c

Discovery Education Streaming - Use excellent multimedia video resources to bring your units to life! In addition to the video clips, there are teacher guides available, blackline masters, writing prompts, an image gallery, a calendar with videos that correlate to commemorative events, and more. Take advantage of the many opportunities to show your students appropriate "real-life" videos correlated to South Carolina Standards.

external image n5IGOzvpL8Oiu5i54bYWqiALNHzDxGLU_OoRDpexq1NdX7TRzF4PNDw6eXDb3Vd38yydUELfoEj4B0TaVm__Hbt85nYprg8367KvHMK72RkM75QyenRVl6ZzVs0yOdinFket7uc

O.R.E.O. 2016 Our Really Exciting Online Project!
Join this online project and use Oreos to teach Math, Language, Science, and more! This project is open to classrooms of any grade in any location! You can find worksheets, games, fun links, trivia, lesson ideas, and more to bring FUN into your classroom! Registration is open now!

Many online projects are available throughout the year. Check the Projects Tab to see!
Collaborative projects are an exciting way to integrate technology, connect your students to the world, meet a variety of standards, and increase student learning!

external image QclLR-9Cb1fEiWIFwde9yB0AgducbLxSBKuNNkYOCLOaT8okHq_BRRlhGakRejUyPaDFiL_u8RdhkcJV2gB20q-1YCVZqZPDB46Wt-U5J9OXsdM-jYMxfbKKB62pbX91Nx_XS1c

Our Changing Earth and Landforms
Introduce or review your 5th grade unit on "Our Changing Earth". This PowerPoint show provides photos, animations, terms, and brief explanations of layers of the earth, plate movement, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes, and fossils.
South Carolina Landforms - A webquest designed for research of South Carolina's five major landform regions -- the Blue Ridge, Sandhills, Piedmont, Coastal Plains, and Coastal Zone

Discovery Education Streaming videos available: earth, landforms, geography

external image QclLR-9Cb1fEiWIFwde9yB0AgducbLxSBKuNNkYOCLOaT8okHq_BRRlhGakRejUyPaDFiL_u8RdhkcJV2gB20q-1YCVZqZPDB46Wt-U5J9OXsdM-jYMxfbKKB62pbX91Nx_XS1c

Global Trek! Travel the World with your students this year! This online activity can be done as a class or individually. You can visit one new place each month -- or travel more often! A perfect way to encourage geography skills throughout the year. Meet the people, take guided tours, and learn about the countries! Check out this month's travel destination!

September 22 - Autumn Begins!

external image mgTqx7L7ltbMLqPZaI4Pc-ZBCEZwhaqW-AYJzXqXHZtTJYtzkyyhXiQLJrXK13EpuvtIrKnInPiw7z5YeRVoYzrFrlqsYCPJZw9pVfFIrEI7lrhAGHwaucsQPqJCzm7fq_8oPTk
WhyLeaves Change Color in Fall** Enjoy listening to the "cholorophyll characters" !

The Secret Life of Trees** - Gain an appreciation of trees, observe seasonal changes in trees, and develop an interest in discovering more about trees
The Autumn Equinox - The science and significance
Why do leaves change colors? Discover the mysteries of those reds, oranges, yellows, and browns - Which color is your favorite for autumn?
The Scientific Basis for Autumn
Fall Activities K-8 (from EduPlace) Leaf Sorting, Paper Bag Pumpkin, Fall Facts, Potato Comparison Venn-Diagram, Word Scrambles, Take a Fall Quiz, and more
Fall! - Writing Prompts for Fall and more
Fall Activities/Leaves, Apples, Acorns & Squirrels - Especially for younger students!

external image mgTqx7L7ltbMLqPZaI4Pc-ZBCEZwhaqW-AYJzXqXHZtTJYtzkyyhXiQLJrXK13EpuvtIrKnInPiw7z5YeRVoYzrFrlqsYCPJZw9pVfFIrEI7lrhAGHwaucsQPqJCzm7fq_8oPTk

To Everything - There Is A Season ... Enjoy Trees!

The fall season is a perfect time to begin this simple, school year project! Develop an appreciation of nature and the seasons along with observation, writing, and technology skills!
Tree Observation Checklist - PowerPoint Example
1. Select a tree on your school campus to observe with your students throughout the year. Give your tree a name!
2. Each month, go outside and "observe" your tree. Take a digital picture or two. You can use a checklist to record basic observations.
3. Back in your classroom, use PowerPoint to collect and present your tree information. Each month, insert a new slide, your tree digital picture, and type descriptive comments about your tree with your students.
4. Have students write a few sentences in their journals based on their tree observations each month.
5. Enjoy watching your "show" as it evolves throughout the seasons of the year!

Trees Are Terrific! http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/trees1/ A short introduction to trees, leaves, and more!

external image QclLR-9Cb1fEiWIFwde9yB0AgducbLxSBKuNNkYOCLOaT8okHq_BRRlhGakRejUyPaDFiL_u8RdhkcJV2gB20q-1YCVZqZPDB46Wt-U5J9OXsdM-jYMxfbKKB62pbX91Nx_XS1c

Fall Acrostic Poems (MS PowerPoint file: To Save > right click > save target as)
Can you describe "fall"? Encourage writing and technology skills by creating a "FALL" acrostic poem slide using MS PowerPoint. Use descriptive writing, appropriate clip art, text formating, and color. Have all students save their PowerPoint slide as a .jpg (picture file) in a specified network folder. The teacher pulls them all together in a PowerPoint Photo Album! (Your TIS can help you.) Perfect for a running show of student work during Open House.
Discovery Education Streaming videos are available!
"Autumn", "Fall Is Here", "The Reason for the Seasons, "The Autumnal Equinox", etc.

external image 0MWh9XWmoLxqHmgw-RbG9NiucgTLv_J1B-tBRXpoVwH2OSYuwmNzgpjAvxBapOtEIe5rTselKYFaMb0aBWYH9eQdHST6s5-mS4JHGdxqhNzy0GGa9_yxJPbSYx7GZtNTii8YfKY

All About Apples - Why should you love apples? Find out the history, the science, the varieties, the production, as well as health information.

Apple Facts - Lots of apple information here!

external image 0MWh9XWmoLxqHmgw-RbG9NiucgTLv_J1B-tBRXpoVwH2OSYuwmNzgpjAvxBapOtEIe5rTselKYFaMb0aBWYH9eQdHST6s5-mS4JHGdxqhNzy0GGa9_yxJPbSYx7GZtNTii8YfKY
Johnny Appleseed - Enjoy the story of this famous character!

Favorite Apple Survey - Do your students like red, yellow, or green apples? Survey your class and use an Excel spreadsheet to display collected data.

external image 0MWh9XWmoLxqHmgw-RbG9NiucgTLv_J1B-tBRXpoVwH2OSYuwmNzgpjAvxBapOtEIe5rTselKYFaMb0aBWYH9eQdHST6s5-mS4JHGdxqhNzy0GGa9_yxJPbSYx7GZtNTii8YfKY
Discovery Education Streaming videos available: "Apples", "Johnny Appleseed"

external image QclLR-9Cb1fEiWIFwde9yB0AgducbLxSBKuNNkYOCLOaT8okHq_BRRlhGakRejUyPaDFiL_u8RdhkcJV2gB20q-1YCVZqZPDB46Wt-U5J9OXsdM-jYMxfbKKB62pbX91Nx_XS1c

Some Tools to Try this School Year

Tools to Explore/Showcase Student Learning:

**Voicethread.com** - Group Conversations around images, documents and videos. Great way to showcase student writing and learning. Book talks, research reports and more.

Create Flip books using Youblisher.com - turn word documents and more into a flip book. great way to use the writers to start the publishing process.

Education Glogster - http://edu.glogster.com/

Make online posters with links to videos, and much more. Your TIS can help you sign up and create secure accounts for your students.

Skype - Know a classroom across the district, state, country, world that you would like to collaborate with?

Classroom Blogs - See your TIS to you get an account set up through the district.

Wallwisher.com - join a new way to communicate. Students can add post-it notes to join in on the conversation.

Interesting Ways to use wallwisher in the classroom

external image QclLR-9Cb1fEiWIFwde9yB0AgducbLxSBKuNNkYOCLOaT8okHq_BRRlhGakRejUyPaDFiL_u8RdhkcJV2gB20q-1YCVZqZPDB46Wt-U5J9OXsdM-jYMxfbKKB62pbX91Nx_XS1c

Student search engines:

Google Squared - type in multiple items in a list (presidents, planets, jazz musicians, and more), will make a table of info for you


Sweet Search - student search engine


"Sweet Search for me" - search engine for early elementary students


Sweet Search Biographies -


Comic Creator - Invite your students to compose their own comic strips with a fall theme. Wonderful for stimulating interest in writing skills! Create "whole class" comic strips or individual ones to print & share. Many Read*Write*Think Lessons use this interactive tool.**