external image computer.gifTeaching with Technology

external image cherry.gifIn the Spotlight! - Review examples of using technology in the classroom. These sample sample lesson ideas were submitted by schools in Lexington District One. A variety of technology applications are incorporated!

external image cherry.gif Simple and Effective Technology Integration Ideas

      • Word A Day - Have a different student look up the word each day - explain, discuss, and post them each day. At the end of the month, use Puzzlemaker to make a crossword puzzle with all the words!
Other choices from Daily Dose work as well - Brain Teasers, Question of the Day, Quotations, Spelling Bee, Math Problem of the Day, GeoBee Quiz, Science Braindrops, etc. Take a look!

external image cherry.gifShare Web Sites with Students - Research!

There is so much wonderful information on the web! What unit/theme are you studying? Find web sites or virtual field trips to share with your class as a group.

DISCUS - Digital Information for South Carolina Users

Remember to take advantage of South Carolina's Virtual Library - an electronic library of essential information and learning resources for all South Carolina citizens. You will find a wealth of information - InfoTrac Periodicals & Reference, Biography Resource Center, Who's Who, Health & Wellness Resource Center, What Do I Read Next?, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge Online, Encyclopedia Americana Online, SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Knowledge Source - do use this wonderful resource!
can be accessed from school, home, or the public library!

external image cherry.gif Multimedia Video - etvStreamlineSC - Unitedstreaming

Unitedstreaming - Use excellent multimedia video resources to bring your units to life! In addition to the video clips, there are teacher guides available, blackline masters, an image gallery, a calendar with videos that correlate to commemorative events, writing prompts, a teacher feature, and more. Take advantage of the many opportunities to show your students appropriate "real-life" videos correlated to South Carolina Standards.

external image cherry.gif Use an lnteractive Whiteboard - (SMART Board)

Involve your students in learning with Interactive Whiteboard Resources!

external image cherry.gifCollaborative Online Projects - Web Quests

Connect your classroom to the world. Learning about others from around the globe! Try some of the exciting collaborative projects that are available to you !
Check the Collaborative Projects or Technospud Projects
for ideas or search for your own!
These projects present students with specific objectives and tasks. Many are available on the web and will fit with units you are studying! Writing your own to fit your needs is also possible.

external image cherry.gifPower Point - Mediator - Inspiration - OpenMind

Design an interactive Power Point show or Mediator presentation to introduce major units of study - S.C. History, Ecosystems, Weather, Community Helpers, Cells, Animals of the Sea, etc.
You can use these again and again with updates as needed.
  • Power Point can also be used to design games such as "Jeopardy" or "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" for introducing topics or reviewing units of study.
  • Start a Power Point Library at your school! Share with others!

  • Likewise, use Inspiration or OpenMind for those lessons where visual aid is helpful. The branches of government, story/character analyzation, water cycle, Venn diagrams, and compare/contrast activities are examples where Inspiration can be used.

external image cherry.gifYour Computer As A Learning Center Activity

      • A Progressive Story
During their time at the computer, each student adds a sentence to create an interesting story. What will happen in the end? How many characters will there be? You can divide your class into smaller groups and compare stories they have written or publish them in a booklet or on the web!
      • Sentence Elaboration
Give students a simple sentence. (The dog ran.) During their computer time, each student adds descriptive words to improve the original sentence. Creative students can write/type several!
(The enormous black dog ran tirelessly after the frightened children on bicycles.)

      • Internet Research
Bookmark an internet site that has information about a topic you are studying. Give students a worksheet with questions pertaining to the site. The student has to find answers using the site.

external image cherry.gifTeacher Time, Too!

Of course, you will want to use the computer in your classroom for your own personal work as well. Email, classroom blogs, class web page, lesson plans, subject area research, IGPro gradebook, etc. You can find lots of form letters, worksheets, behavior checklists, etc. that could save you time. Teaching Tools**