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Veterans Day

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Bartleby - American Heritage Dictionary

1. What is a Veteran? (Hint: noun/definition 2.)

Veterans Day

2. On what date is Veterans Day observed?
3. Why do we celebrate Veterans Day?
4. Who designated this day to be remembered in 1919?
5. What was the original name of Veterans Day?
6. What year was the name changed?
7. Which world war was ended on this date in 1918?
Veterans Day

8. The Armistice to end the first World War was signed on the hour of the day of the month in 1918.

9. Congress made this day a federal holiday in what year?
Veterans Day - America's Story

10. Many people visit what famous location on Veterans Day?

11. A special ceremony is presented by a color guard representing all military service. What is this ceremony called?

12. What is placed on the tomb that symbolizes the nation's remembrance of all those who died fighting for their country?

13. A bugler plays this song during the ceremony.
Veterans Day - Infoplease

14. When was the first unknown American soldier buried in Arlington National Cemetery?
Spirit of America

15. What are 5 branches of the US Armed Forces?
American Veterans - Infoplease

16. How many veterans are currently in the United States?

17. Most United States veterans served in which war?

Veterans Day Quiz

18. Take the Stars and Stripes Forever: Veterans Day Quiz!

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